This is simply the neatest gift of the season.  I finally met Emily from Your Apples are My Oranges who has been a blogger friend since this past spring when we met via the net and watched each other's gardens grow through our posts.  Let me tell you, she is one neat person.  I hope to have lots of time to become friends.  It felt like I'd known her for ages.  To top it all off, she brought me a Christmas present.  Check this out:
She actually made this! I love the tag:
And there's more:
I found this bag inside.  Day of the dead skulls!
I love the lining of the tote.  This was in the DOTD bag:
These are seeds, check out that pumpkin.
I must say, this is in the top three presents I ever got.  Its up there with the nice watering can and bike "trunk" bag Kyle got me for a birthday, and a very old skirt from Indonesia with quite a story behind it I got years ago.  Wow, thanks so much Emily!


  1. What a great set of gifts!! Lucky you!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. awww. it was so wonderful finally meeting you in person! i felt kinda nervous before you got there, almost like i was on a blind date or something, but when we started talking it really did feel like we'd known each other for a long time. i can't wait to go to shangri-la together sometime.

    i ate a bunch of your homemade granola this morning--best granola i've ever tried, seriously. crazy delicious. thank you so much!


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