The Strain

I got my copy of the first book in the trilogy a week or so before I took my first ever trip to Manhattan NY for a week long training in death investigation at the NY Medical Examiner's office July 2009.

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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

I read about a plane that had landed at JFK and it went dead two nights before my flight and instantly sell in love with the book.  We students got a full tour of the Manhattan morgue as I read about the "dead" from the ill fated flight were brought there.  I saw the old autopsy tables and the bug zappers on the walls in the autopsy room that is no bigger than our in Boise except that it has six stations in a row.  I imagined six doctors up to their elbows on six autopsies at once with the assistants sawing away.  It couldn't have better timing to read that book.  I enjoyed the story and was thoroughly entertained.  I've shared the book with two coworkers who also really enjoyed it.  Why not?  There is a very brief encounter with our twisted reality.   We knew something was wrong from the start.

I recently picked up book two: The Fall.  It carries on the story as the vampire conquest/war continues.  The problem is that there are several plot flaws.  Sometimes plain editing errors like using the word dusk instead of dawn even popped up, making me a bit frustrated.  I have about 20 pages left to finish the book, but it just wasn't as well researched as the first and simply seems to try to carry the story on so that we readers buy the third book.  I will probably buy a copy when it comes out.  We'll see what happens then.  


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