This Article explains how we do this.  In my jurisdiction my office does the notifications, not the police.  We work alone, so I'm all on my own-no partner.  The holidays make notifications so much worse because people are nostalgic about this time of year.  I know its a depressing subject, but it is interesting, at least to me.  

You never know how people will react.  One time I had a woman yell through the door "just so you know, I have a loaded gun" .  I told her to please set it down and showed her by badge and credentials.  She ended up being the nicest woman.  Other times you get asked into the home or need to seat someone down so they don't pass out.  I get dogs jumping on me, cats rubbing my legs, and my favorite-thick cigarette smoke.  I had a girl take a swing at me, I had a nice old man hug me.  I even had one lady say "Good!  I'm glad he's dead, he was an asshole!"  One time I had to notify a known meth dealer and gang banger.  Police were kind enough to send an officer out with me.  

One tip I have is never sit on the furniture, we had a guy sit down in a mobile home and found that the seat was soaked with an unknown liquid.  Gross. Plain gross. People have offered me beers, sometimes they pull out the hard stuff and pass it around.  I wear a badge, why do people constantly offer me drinks?

For me the trick is identifying myself as a deputy for the county and getting them set down before I spring the whole Coroner thing.  The thing I don't get is how men and women do such a terrible time breaking off a relationship.  Maybe i can make a business out of "notifying" people that their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse wants a split.  Ooh, there might be a market for that.  Hmm...  I could give a college student discount.  I could also notify unknowing potential father's that their special lady is expecting.  


  1. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea this was part of your job.
    I like the "breaking up notification" idea. That might work! :-)


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