Cabrini Green

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I grew up hearing stories about Cabrini Green, a lawless place, the ghetto.  I watched the demolition of some of the ghetto high rises in Chicago beginning in the late 90's.  This will be the final high rise to be demolished.  If anyone ever watched the movie Candyman, this is the place they portrayed.  Gang riddled, drug infested, welfare, and dismal futures were what most residents faced.  Where will they go?  Will they fare any better?  It is a sad ending to a sad beginning.  Poverty propagating poverty.   I remember waiting at the bus stop on the way home from work years ago, next to Cabrini.  I always brought a full pack of smokes and shared with the toughest dude to make sure someone had my white butt if things went south.  Years later, I had nightmares about  what could have happened.  I thought I was pretty tough back then.  I feel sorry for these folks, and also blame the system for creating their plight.  


  1. that is really depressing. what an intense story--13 kids? practically anyone would be destitute with that many mouths to feed. it's good that that particular family kind of became a symbol of the place at the end, i hope it all works out for them...and for everyone who was displaced. capitalism creating refugees--it's sick and so many people refuse to acknowledge it.


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