Anyone interested in what happens after you die?  I see it all the time.  It is gross, but it is a part of being human even if you get embalmed.  I've learned that the aversion to dead bodies and decomposition are due to fear of the unknown.  Once you learn there is nothing to fear, the badly decomposed are no different from your kid pooping, your cat with a fur-ball, or my fave, the dog licking her butt.  -We have a 5 min rule, the dog licks her butt, 5 min until she gets to kiss us-  It is gross, but something you have to deal with.  If there is any interest in this subject I can post more.

Seriously, for all the haunters out there-what are you emulating?  Why not deal with the reality.  It is a natural process.  Bwaa Haaa!


  1. yeah, I'm interested! altho' I figure Hollywood probably does a pretty good job of it...if I'm wrong, let me know!

  2. Very interested - it's terrifying and fascinating at the same time!

    Only terrifying, I guess, because I want people to know I'm dead before I start to seriously decompose - to be forgotten long enough to rot away is the scary part.
    And the "being dead" part, too - I have way too many fun things left to do and don't have time to be dead.

    But yes, your job is fascinating to me and I'd love to read more about it!

  3. Definitely an interesting topic and I'm sure there would be interest in more.

  4. Def interested in more!!! Rotting is one of my favorite things. Compost is my only fix these days.


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