Cutest Reindeer Evar. Merry Christmas to All!

Random lights around the 'hood.
Looks like somebody had a couple before hanging their lights.  I've had locals tell me that this place is owned by Val Kilmer.  I don't believe it.  
You were all warned about gratuitous pictures of the dog.  Kyle however...
That's my baby.  Merry Christmas Everybody!


  1. aaahh! so cute! what a sweetheart she is. god, she puts up with way more than andy ever would. andy has a much smaller pair of antlers and he'll keep them on for about 30 seconds, usually enough for me to get a blurry picture of him looking distressed or a shot of him tossing his head and snarling at his misfortune. my parents' dog lucifer sometimes gets tortured with pretties, too, and it's way easier to keep them on her because she's old and lazy and has only one front leg--harder to knock stuff off her head.

    great xmas lights photos. merry christmas to you too!

  2. Love the antlers! Hope your Christmas was great!


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