On the Lighter Side???

It is that time of year again.  The seed catalogs are arriving in the mail!  And believe it or not, I am already planning on the next summer's gardens.  I tried growing the tomato Black Krim:
Yes, a "black" tomato.  I wrote that I tried, because, well I mislabeled all of our tomato seedlings and my two plants didn't get put in the right spot resulting in about only two ripe tomatoes.  Let me tell you something.  I don't care for tomatoes.  I'd rather look at dead bodies than take a bite out of a whole tomato.  I love ketchup, salsa, spaghetti sauce, bruschetta, etc... but I've never been a fan of the BLT, I always order hamburgers without that pale mealy slice, and in last years, my only interest was in making sauces and bruschetta.  Let me tell you, those two Black Krims were really tasty.  They had a much richer flavor that needed no salt.  the dark flesh was enchanting.  This year I plan to grow three kinds of "black" tomatoes.  I will try Black Krim again, as well as carbon, and Black Cherry.  I also swear to not mix my seedlings this year.
To all the haunters out there, I bet you are impressed that I found a black veggie to grow ;)


  1. what timing! i'm in the process of writing a story about heirloom tomatoes and i hopped over to blogger for a little break.

    here's some evidence of how long i've been staring at the computer screen today: when i read the line about dead bodies and taking a bite out of a tomato, my mind faultily processed the words into this: "i'd rather take a bite out of a dead body than a whole tomato." i'm like, fucksake that's disgusting.

    do you maybe want to grab a coffee with me sometime? i have a couple little xmas gifts for you...incidentally one of them was going to be chocolate cherry tomato seeds from my garden last year but now it looks like you're covered.

  2. Emily, I'd love to meet up, I don't have any presents though. K and I just finally came up with homemade stuff for "family". So I'd be sorry not to have anything. Unless you want some dried Zavory mild habaneros. Maybe some of my lunar eclipse photos will do. email me @ goneferalinidaho at gmail dot com.


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