Spring Has Sprung

Saturday was much nicer than forecasted, so we took advantage and prepped the raised beds.  We amended and cleaned out the beds.  That is parsley that overwintered uncovered in the left bed corners.  
This year I wanted to try a new method to keep what I will no longer call the cold frame, but will refer from now on as our portable greenhouse.  The vinyl tent got really warm on warm days, but at night, promptly dropped down to the outdoor ambient temperature.  I first thought that wall-of-waters would be a good idea,, but then found this article.  What a great recycling idea.  
I have four Black Krim tomatoes that will be whittled down to two and will be planted in the center of each of these home made solar heaters.  They are set up now to start warming the soil with the portable greenhouse over the top of everything.
Here is an outdoor transmitter for an indoor-outdoor thermometer (in a plastic ziplock to keep it dry).  Tonight I got my first evidence that the system is working.  Last I checked the outdoor temp was 46 degrees and the greenhouse temp was 54.  I am really happy with the results so far.  


  1. such a pretty crocus! i like the recycled bottles idea. i had the same problem with one of those vinyl mini-greenhouse things...too hot during the day and too cold at night, so what the hell good are they?

  2. Nice homemade wall o' water! We have lettuce and chard growing in our "cold frame".
    No crocus blooming here yet. The north end is always ahead of us by a week or so.

  3. I love the idea of the water bottles. I started tomatoes inside and by the time it's warm enough to put them outside they'll be huge. Might be worth experimenting some with a few plants and see how they do.


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