First Beautiful Spring Day 2011

Kyle finished our first Adirondack chair today. Next step is for him to share the knowledge and help me build one for my own. I will in fact do all the building.  
This is the disgusting mess that the pondtainer ended up in. Brackish black black water due to the tons of leaves that fell in it last fall. The water was literally slimy and stinky. Yet, the dwarf water lily sprouted up new lily pads despite it's pot having fallen on it's side sometime during the fall/winter. Hardy dwarf lily lives up to it's name. I re-potted the lily and cut off the rotten gross stuff. I also emptied the lower pondtainer galvanized wash basin and scrubbed all the gravel.  It looks so much better.  I also took the two fake plants from the stock tank and pressure washed the slime off them and thew them into the lower 'tainer until I get the big one ready.  

I mucked out a huge pile of soggy leaves and gross stuff. I now understand how a natural lake can go bad so easily.  
This is the lower part of the pondtainer all cleaned and ready to form good algae.  The non-potted plants are the two plastic ones I use to help the fish hide and not take up any nutrients out of the water.  


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