Early Spring Progress

It's a lot harder to photograph the new grow-op, but the seedlings are doing really well.  We have the very early start tomatoes in the back row with basil plants, the middle row has eggplants, Thai basil, and Zavory mild habeneros, and the front row are all the new seedlings with the normally planted tomatoes, peppers, ground cherries, garden huckleberries, and wild strawberries.  

I finally figured out that the large guy here, probably isn't a strawberry.  It looks more like a dandelion.  I have no idea where it came from. Oh, and the one on the left doesn't fit in either.  I'm pulling them.  

These are really tiny alpine strawberry plants. I hope they get a bit bigger.  

I'm really glad I started the Zavory's extra early.  They were this big when we planted them out last year.  These guys have 2 more months to grow and will have such a huge start.  

I had to make room for two of the early Black Krim tomatoes.  Sadie has new roomies.  She seems O.K. with it.  Also pictured are some Zavory's I just can't part with even though we have way more than we need. Any locals want some? BTW, Sadie auto-crates, she goes in her crate and we usually never close the door. I've stuck my head in there and it is actually a nice little dog nook. 

These are the 8 week out tomatoes, peppers, etc...

We pulled out an old very diseased rose that I spent a lot of money on that came with the rental. It mostly looked bad, last year was really bad.  Today we cut the bottoms out of bins we found along the highway and buried them to make a controlled horseradish bed.  We will plant a new butterfly bush by the porch in place of the old rose bush.  
Two roots in place, three to go.  

We also planted potatoes (this time four boxes), I planted peas, and Kyle put together a huge A frame trellis for the big raised bed.  We'll put cukes and melons there.  


  1. looking nice and healthy over there! i would totally take one of those peppers off your hands if i didn't have so many started already. those strawberry plants are going to be awesome, i hope they produce a lot for you.

  2. Your plants are looking fantastic. Any Zavory left up for grabs?

  3. Thanks for the comment :) I'm a bit jealouse of your seed starting, btw, lol :) Wish I was a bit more organized to get the new place growing!!



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