It's Here! The Possibilities Are Endless

It's so tiny, and made in Italy to boot!
(what it is)

What it can do (scroll down for photos and links on that page) image source 

What's inside that little package (the battery wasn't, that's just for scale).

 I already know what most of those components are.  I am to really understand how to use them.

The cute little backside, everyone like a pic of those, who knew I was so green?

There were even stickers in the box.  Stickers?  Boy do they know what generation they are targeting.

This whole thing started with me wanting a way to light the yard haunt with some some sort of variable control over the LED spotlights I am building.  I wanted lights to fade in and out at different rates, perhaps with music or sounds.  Who knows where things will go from here.


  1. Very cool - Sounds like you really put out some effort with your effects!


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