Hard Core?...

...I don't really think so.  This is my third season starting plants from seed.  The learning curve is steep.  You go from buying one of those iffy seed starting getups to figuring out what really works for you.  I have friends that can do wonders with yogurt cups and natural sunlight.  I tend to lean on the Mr. over-do-it science person side I got from my father.

Last year I thought if I got one eggplant to sprout I would be satisfied for the season.  We had three germinate out of three and aside from some crowding issues I caused, we had two very productive plants.  Now I want to start alpine strawberries.  Wow, am I intimidated.  Follow up is in the works.

Here is the contender for the year's challenge.  I have no expectations, I just hope we get a few seedlings.


  1. those look so completely awesome. i know you can do it.

    i got your message late and didn't want to wake you with a response...how rude of her to steal your hair. she has a really distinctive voice and i do hear a little fiona apple in there. i think i want to make you a mix cd one of these days.


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