I've Created Monsters

45 degrees outside, maybe i'll stunt their growth and buy some time

These are two of the four 8 week old Black Krim plants. It's March 26th, there are 6 weeks left before the average last frost date. They are huge and each plant has started to bloom. I have a very hard time offing my plants and am in a bit of a pickle, so I've started an experiment in the greenhouse. I filled 8 more 2 litre bottles to help absorb as much solar energy, although cloudy wet weather isn't helping the cause.
circle the wagon train

Tomatoes don't like temps below 55 degrees on average, so we have a long way to go. I'm recording each days high and low in the greenhouse and as soon as possible, will plant two of the Krims inside rings of bottles. In the mean time, I have a sacrificial Zavory pepper plant planted in the right circle of bottles.
poor little guy, i feel bad for him

I'm not sure if I'll learn anything from this experiment other than plants don't like the cold. The problem with a greenhouse or cold frame is that hey have no heat source of their own. Have you ever slept in a tent? It can be 40 degrees outside and 40 degrees inside at night, but when the sun comes up, you can start to cook within an hour.  

There is a reason I started a six pack of Krims at the usual 8 weeks before average last frost. 
two week old krim seedlings


  1. So you are getting just as much sun as we are :)

    Really enjoying watching your progress, makes me really want to find time to get out in my garden!!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. aww, poor little sacrificial pepper...the bottles look so ominous around the tiny plant, like they're standing in judgment and the pepper is on its knees begging them to spare its life.

    i'm so sick of this cold wet weather. as i'm typing this it just started pouring rain again. damn it all to hell.

  3. I end up having the same problem with my tomatoes. Last year I was giving them to anyone that even seemed sort of interested. This year I've started even more although they are nowhere near as big as yours. I hope the little pepper makes it and the experiment works.

  4. Your tomatoes are huge! I guess you didn't need that comment, did you? :-)
    Experiments are good things.

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