Turning Suburbia on to Urban Gardening

Our two new beds aren't very secluded. There is actually a bus stop about 50 feet away near our back yard. We can't gaze upon our veggie garden from any windows in the house. But what I have found is that I interact with the people of the neighborhood a lot more than I typically would. I tend the gardens daily, so there is always someone walking/riding/driving by. A lot of people stop for a small chat. 
 We are in an odd part of town. There are lots of suburban tract homes (like ours) and then a mix of older construction from when the area used to be the real sticks. It is a really nice feel of country (mind you, I'm from Chicago) and not too suburban to urban. We have several horses chickens, farm geese, and a lama that live down the street.  
Anywhoo, I hope the odd nature of some of our tomatoes can strike up some conversations this summer. Yes I'm fascinated with the Indigo Roses. 
The view out back. The vines are still striving to reach new heights. 


  1. I can see how those exotic looking tomatoes could start up a conversation. What do those taste like?

    1. I don't know yet, they aren't ripe. Believe me there will be a complete follow up on my strange tomatoes.

  2. This is super cool.
    I'm so curious about those blue tomatoes.


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