Early Summer Garden Update

 The bicycle planter is filling out
The tomato plant on the left is officially over my head. We'll need a ladder to harvest the ones from the top. The tomato "pergolas" are getting set up. We grow single vine tomatoes. Every sucker gets removed to leave only one vine. This style of growing them has worked well for us in the past. 
 Yes, another shot of "Indigo Rose". They are hard as rocks, so no ripe ones yet. Once they get soft I'll give them a gentle twist each day until they gently break off.
 The Japanese Black Trifele plants look like they are going to produce tons. These were listed as determinate, so we are growing two vines on each plant.
This is Red Zebra, you can already see the stripes.
These are the Green Zebra's.


  1. Your bicycle planter is beautiful! Just gorgeous. Great looking tomatoes, too!


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