Idaho Botanical Garden 2014 Private Garden Tour: Part One of 6

Summer is here and it was finally time for Kyle and I to do our first private gardens tour. I've been wanting to go for the past few years and this year we were both anticipating the event. We had no idea what to expect since we've already seen the most amazing private garden in Boise which can be found at the blog Our life in Idaho. So Sunday we set off on a little adventure. Each garden was unique as to be expected and in different stages of establishment. I took tons of photos so I've chosen to present one house at a time. I will be discussing what I learned at each house and what elements appealed to me. Note that these were all shot with a wide angle lens. These photos are meant to be a visually comprehensive of the area as possible.
The entryway to the house is very modern and sett at a 45 degree angle to the lines of the house and lot. So right off the bad, I knew this layout wouldn't work in our 1992 neighborhood. I still really like the look though and it goes well with the very modern remodel the house apparently had, unless it was new construction.
This is continuing past the front entrance to the back of the house. The rock work was very impressive.
More modern looking address numerals will also look nice at our place.
The 45 degree angle motif continued in the back yard garden. They also had some nice modern fencing going on.
Here you can see into the back garden where the style of the home really stands out.
This is the seating area under the balcony on the second floor. The water feature was really cool.
This berry trellis was something we might be able to incorporate into one of our garden ares. It is a living fence. We have a large yard, so wall type options are great for us. While I love the modern style, it won't fit our lifestyle. Kyle and I are pretty eclectic types and our garden will need a bit more of the whimsy element to it. I forgot to get a photo of the saxophone player that was playing in the car port area next to the garage. 


  1. That water feature is really beautiful, and I love the living wall concepts. Can't wait to see the next installment!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Jeanne! :-) We've gone on the Botanical Garden Tour many, many years and have always enjoyed it. I look forward to your posts.


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