Idaho Botanical Garden Private Garden Tour: House III

From what I understand, the first house we visited was designed by the owners, one of whom is some sort of designer. It showed, that stone and paving were beautiful. This third house was designed by Madeline George Nursery. Some before photos show a completely blank dirt yard, I don't know if the house went through a remodel or not. While both houses have relatively small yards, they made great use of the space they had. This third house, based on the layout of structures, had some built in nooks and crannies that begged to be made into secluded garden rooms- a concept I am trying to wrap my mind around for our garden.
This garden was designed by Madeline George Nursery here in Eagle. This was the most involved thought out garden we toured.  The garden was expertly designed to draw you and and then surprise you. The front plantings really balance with the size of the house. So many foundation plantings are too narrow.
As you walk to the garden gate a lush and varied garden keeps your interest.
The stark sunlight really did this photo little justice. Upon entering the gate, a cool little entry welcomes you in. The little fox plaque added a lot of visual interest while remaining understated.
Then you get pulled further back by the weeping evergreen.
To find a pretty little seating area with a fire pit. The rock landscaping gave it the feel of a mountain forest campsite. I have a feeling they'll end us adding some more comfortable seating to this area for more use.
You definitely never felt like you were in a standard rectangle fenced in yard. This garden also felt very private. The first thing I noticed when I was processing my photos was that there were power lines overhead the back of the garden. I never noticed them when we were there. We have the same eyesore along the side of ours. The taller trees break up the lines and make them less noticeable. The art of "deception" comes in handy in gardening I'm learning.
I really liked the dining area.
The trickle of the water feature compels one to admire the greenery behind it from the dining area.
Another nook hides a private hot tub spot. The bamboo made it feel like there wasn't a fence there. The original plan for the garden was in the entryway and it showed a mirror on the fence behind the bamboo to give the feel of more depth. Now that is down-right sneaky. I love it. I went back and checked behind the bamboo-no mirror. More than one change and omission occurred during the construction of the garden, so some things were either put off due to budget, or all-together abandoned. 
I really liked this trellis on the outside of the fence. I love organic design. This garden was pretty amazing and I learned a few tricks. My garden will have more flowers. I like my flowers, especially unusual ones. I really want one of these plants somewhere in our garden.


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