Idaho Botanical Garden Private Garden Tour: Part Two

 The next house had a lot more of a cottage type garden. It was very homey and colorful.
Wrapping around from the from to the backyard. They had all sorts of specimen trees along the house.
 The poppy seed heads left in place added a lot of interest.
 The patio was a lot cooler. One thing I've learned though is that the narrow slats aren't fun for people prone to migraines or vertigo, we won't be having one like this. Our pergola has a sun shade for until whatever we plant on it matures.
 The extra pot garden.
 There is a potting studio in the garage.
The three tiered watering can fountain was a hit. Like I wrote earlier, this garden was much more lived in feeling. I failed to get a photo of the grand-kids play area, shows you how into kids I am.


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