Detritus: The Old Pen

You can't visit the Old Boise Penitentiary without photographing rusting defunct radiators, at least I couldn't. The ironic thing is that these finely crafted things were only found singly or in pairs in large cell blocks. This prison was closed in 1973. I have a strange affinity with prisons as I grew up to the one that held John Wayne Gacy and I now frequent the currently used ones here in SW Idaho for work. 


This last shot is of one of the tiny cells in the women's prison that was one tiny building with a close wall around it. I would have gone nuts there. At least the guys had several buildings. No one was well off though, I couldn't imagine 110 degree summers with no AC or proper ventilation. Prison these days looks like a cake walk compared to the "good old days".


  1. agree that those radiators are gorgeous! also, really like the long shot down the hallway of the prison (3rd one from the bottom). nice one!


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