Time Warp

The two on the Right are old friends of mine from my teen years. They have been musicians since I first met them in Chicago in the 90's. I went to more of their shows than I could count and we hung out a lot. I last saw Joe and Tod about 12 years ago when I flew home to Chicago to visit. We lost touch after I moved to Idaho and was no longer that involved in the music scene. Thanks to Facebook, we've gotten back in touch. So this weekend I got a text that the band will be in Ketchum this Thursday night. Did I mention that I'm much closer to 40 than 20 or even 30, and this is a weeknight? Luckily, my boss understands and I'll be driving up to Ketchum with my trusty camera to see my first The Steepwater Band show live. It will be really fun to catch up with these two upstanding young men who have made a living playing music (and its good music too). 


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