Sunday, February 3, 2013

Food and The Dilemma of Seed Starting

Last night was the first seed summit of the season. We have saved seeds, shared seeds, and new seeds to purchase. I don't think we accomplished a whole lot because Kyle and I might not even be living here during this garden season (we are very slowly thinking of house shopping).
This was Superbowl Sunday's dinner. A completely non-typical American meal (except for the corn) with a no meat entree of delicious pepper-zucchini corn muffins, a sauce of roasted red peer/dun-dried tomato sauce with spices and garlic pan cooked mushrooms.
 These are the complete opposite. Kyle's Scotch eggs.
Soft boiled eggs wrapped in breakfast sausage and a breaded crust with egg wash deep fried in oil.


  1. oh, seed season is difficult. i tend to start like 8 million tomato plants then remember that i live damn near canada. ha!

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