Finding Light

I took advantage of the sunshine today and made a trip to Edwards Greenhouse in Boise. Their greenhouses were perfectly warm and the flowers were deliciously fragrant. I shot about 150 photos and had a ball. They welcome anybody to come and simply hang out there; with all the little nooks and corners there are thousands of possibilities for getting some nice shots. I got to play around with my 35mm DX prime lens. I left the others in the bag and learned a lot more about what my camera can do. It's amazing what you can do with a little good light. These are no award winners, but I am very happy with the results.
There is nothing special about this shot other than it captures some of the character of the signage at Edwards. They also use old doors, windows, bathtubs, and many other re purposed goods as decor.
I was thrilled to see the detail in all these handheld shots. I'd been shooting in such low light since I first got the camera, it was a joy to see what it could do with decent ambient light.

This terrarium was the size of a shot glass.

I was trying to get the light glowing through the petals. 
these were actually two different plants, not a crop.



  1. beautiful shots--is this a macro or telephoto lens?

  2. Neither, 35mm prime. So its a fixed focal length.

  3. Oh Edwards.....I just LOVE that place this time of year!


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