Red Light Variety with Emily

I had a great time and feel privileged to be Emily's +1 for the newest engagement of the Red Light Variety Show: Time Machine.  The RLVS gang did an amazing job and really had me on the edge of my seat during parts of the show. Other times I laughed due to the wonderfully funny bits.  I think my favorite parts were when the artists couldn't help but beam a wonderful smile when things went "just right", either due to a perfect hit on a move or gag, or when something went wrong, but they still nailed it.  Emily shot her way through the show with her camera while I sat by wondering what wonderful images she must have captured.  I'll link to her post when it's ready, she must have hours worth of images to pour over.  

Thanks a ton Emily, I had a wonderful time.  Check out her blog- Your Apples are my Oranges
This is one of her photos from a different show they did in October 2010, and is a good representation of how I felt as I left.  Glorious!


  1. Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing...added her to my follow list!


  2. i'm so glad you came with me! i haven't even started uploading's sad, i want to just snap my fingers and have all the photos magically edit themselves.


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