Yep, this is way after Johnny Thunder's review, but K and I are watching this right now.  It is so cheesy, a ripoff of Jaws, and quite silly if you don't mind stupid cop cliches and lots of boobs and butts mixed in.  After seeing all that I have, this stuff is pretty light in my book.  Stupid, silly, oversexed, did I say stupid?  If you can brush those things off, it is funnily entertaining coming from the generation that grew up with this genre.  


  1. Uh O.K., I take it back, it is really STUPID! Wow, I wrote way too soon.

  2. Congratulations you just described a genre film, so I guess the producers/director was successful in their goal to pay homage. BY the way...this genre got it's start ripping off Jaws.

  3. @ anonymous mike~ I never claimed to be a critic.


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