Prop Time with Hauntcast

I spent the entire evening working on my new ghost prop whilst listening to Hauntcast.  I added some ribs and gave up on rolled newspaper over wire ribs and went with the same cheap skinny tubing.  Then I started the mache.  I had a fun night listening to Hauntcast and working on a prop way early in the season.  
Neat thing was that I was called out earlier this week to check on some bones that someone called 911 for us to check out.  I had a hell of a time getting out there, but once I did, I could understand why someone might think they were possibly human.  I did a bit of "digging" in the frozen ground, but they turned out to be non-human remains.  I had a great time out there anyway.  Now I have my next set of non-human remains drying in the living room because it is way to cold for the stuff to dry properly.  Happy haunting, and STAY SCARY!


  1. You're staying scary enough for all of us! :-)

  2. Cool new project!

    And thanks for the scream out and support.

  3. Wow, you have already started for Halloween....I gotta get moving!! Thanks for the motivation.



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