Decomposition 101

Click the photo for a pretty extensive overview of the postmortem decomposition process.  Yes there are gross pictures, so be warned.  From  In the business, we call these cases, decomps.  The photo above would be called skeletal though.  


  1. Well now, if some of these pics don't give you some ideas for Halloween corpses, I don't know what will... yikes!

  2. Okay....that is icky :D Thanks for sharing. This is why when people ask us why there is no gore in the yard we say we like our bodies "crispy dead" :)


  3. Guh-ROSS! Question: With all the preservatives we eat now, has our decomposition changed from pre-industrial revolution days? In other words, does our diet of processed foods affect our decomposition rate?

  4. I think we stink more. All the weird processed foods and the meat heavy diet certainly contribute. I think a well fed vegan would smell 100 times better. I'm sure some skin lotions, cosmetic applications, implants, artificial hair, nails, and synthetic clothing add to the things that effect "normal" decomposition. Of course aside from decomping in an air conditioned, well sealed house.


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