SNL Black Swan Parody, semi-funny

Today started with me accidentally opening my driver side window that I know has been broken and won't roll up.  I had to pay to get it back up after driving to work in the freezing snow.  I payed to get the window back up, can't afford to fix the damn thing.  Argh!

The funniest (for real) part of the day goes to Kyle's phone conversation with his dad that included the update on what is happening in our household.  It kinda went like this: [I imagine dad asking what K is up to] with K's response: I'm making some food.  [K's dad asking: so what's Jeanne up to?] Kyle's response being- "Uh, well, she's working on the new haunt, you know, she's macheing a new ghost, you can never be too ready".  Then there was a big pause and then the conversation shifted on to something completely different.  


  1. LOL! Oh my that made my are not crazy or alone my dear....there are many, many more of us in the exact same situation :)

    Welcome to the club!!


  2. ha! that was a good one! but like the Frog Queen said, there are many of us doing the same thing you're doing. (only a Haunter could understand...)

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