Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mystery Tomato

I got these seeds from Baker Creek Rare Seeds, but no longer see this variety on the website. My seed packets are long packed away for next winter. From what I remember it is a German wandering tomato. It is multi-lobed like a bunch of fused cherry tomatoes. This one seems a little small, but is much firmer than the first one I picked. I'm waiting for Kyle to get home to try it.
 stem end, strange, but not crazy
blossom end, crazy


  1. That is really something! I've never seen a tomato like that. I can relate to not knowing which tomatoes you're growing. A few planted themselves and I've kept them going. They're big and strong and producing some kind of tomato - soon I'll know what they are.

  2. Ha ha, crazy! Kim bought tomatoes last year at the market and so we're going ones we don't know the name of either.