The raised garden beds took forever. There weren't any good plans we could find online, so we made our own. We loved the galvanized steel and redwood look and also wanted to build very sturdy beds. The main beds have been in place for a while, but the caps on the top that we can sit on or set gardening tools on while tending garden took forever. We aren't carpenters, but I think we did a good job. We also got them mostly hooked up with drip irrigation today and will finish that project tomorrow. Phew, what a pain in the behind job this was. We still haven't put the weed barrier on the ground or mulched yet. All in good time. 
 Our main problem was attention to detail.
 Our super boring suburban house (less and less to us these days) has a few octagonal air vents and a window. We couldn't find octagonal lag screws, but we thought the hexagonal ones would reflect that detail.


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