Mid July Garden Update

 Green Zebra, Red Zebra, cherry, yellow pear, and German wandering tomato on our raised bed.
 Everyone has them, but I've always loved black eyed susans.
 Pam's Choice foxglove that was started from seed.
 The pathway bed gearing up for summer. 
 This weekend's haul so far. 
 Indigo Rose blue tomatoes ripening.
A very lumpy German wandering tomato. We tried the first runty one and to me it was nice and sour, but I find that the first tomatoes that ripen aren't always the best examples of what you're going to get, I'll wait to see if the rest aren't mealy. Great taste, bad texture. Not bad for a tomato most people thing are disgusting.


  1. My tomato plants got a late start this year, but our season is pretty long so I hope I'll have a nice haul, too.


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