Idaho Botanical Garden Private Garden Tour: House VI

I should have gotten a shot of the front of this house, but it was the last garden of the day and it was rather unassuming. We walked through a breezeway and found this:
There was a LOT going on in this garden. Kyle remarked that the facades reminded him of Knott's Berry Farm. We wandered around getting lost with all the little details. The gardeners had collected a lot of old local signs. Kyle even found one he remembered as a kid, up on one of the walls. I'll let you wander with my photos through the garden...

I think the Koppel's sign was the one Kyle remembered.
This really was an antique pickup parked behind one of the facades. It sure added some depth and mystery to the garden.
The little building facades all hid "utilitarian" areas, such as this produce garden.
A water meter cover pathway.
There was storage back here.

Tomatoes behind the facades.
Potting shed looking into the garden.

This garden kept the eyes moving for sure. 

Well, that's the end of my photos for the 2014 Private Garden Tour, thanks for coming by!


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