This is the current view out the front window 
The new guy finally got a body and spar urethane 
 This guy got beefed up and some urethane too
 I painted with black latex paint then green latex paint and added some creepy cloth mache with acrylic gel medium
 My can of urethane is getting old and starting to get clumpy which happily made the creepy cloth look slimy and extra gross
Eww, gross 
 More grossness
This whole project was inspired by Pumpkinrot's Sentinels, I hope to get these guys on top of metal fence stakes at the end of the driveway tomorrow with red LEDs in them


  1. love 'em--the green bodies are a very cool effect

  2. Where do you get your pumpkin heads?

  3. I don't think they make them any more. I can't find them this year. I bought these last year with coupons.


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