Up and Running

After literally blood, sweat, and tears, we are up and running. We had a great lightshow going Saturday night, it was a ball.  My Pumpkinrot (heavily inspired BTW) sentinels were a huge hit. They guard the path to the location of the candy bowl.
The cemetery is set up and the lights are working. I have some changes I want to make, I don't like how the light strips are visible. I'm already planning on integrating columns for the fence for next year anyway. So Sunday morning, Kyle went out to discover that the sprinkler system had gone off early in the morning and flooded my electrical circuit box I had just remade and fried the Arduino. That's where the tears came in. Lots of them. I went to the only place I know if in town for help. The Reuseum. The shop owner who  is an evil genius saintlike person, gave me a lender Arduino for this season. They only cost $25, but I couldn't get anyone to ship in time.  So, basically, the Reuseum saved Halloween two years in a row (last year they had a last minute 10?31 1500 hrs IC I shorted out).
I am so glad I took the week off. The sweat comes with each setup, this was the first year I bled. I managed to not see a huge rusty rebar that I pulled a skeleton ghost off of for yesterday's rain. So there, I sacrificed part of myself to the spirit of Halloween. I'll get some video up soon.


  1. It wouldn't be Halloween if I did not bleed at some point. I must say your props are looking great! Can't wait to see the video!

  2. Awesome stuff. Sorry about your leg.

  3. Love it! I'm thinking your haunt looks like it was worth the wound. Heal quickly!

  4. that is a nasty scratch. totally worth it though, i love the new pumpkin demons!


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