Early Set Up

Yup, we didn't buy a neat old Victorian, but the house that had the best haunt where I grew up was a 70's split level. Kyle helped me set these guys up. The one on the left still needs gloss medium on his creepy cloth, I ran out. I already had a neighbor stop by to tell me he loved the new guys. I've also found out that my Nikon 50mm 1.8 is my best haunt lens. I had to darken these so much, it was crazy.
This is the one with the glossy "slime".
I'll buy a new bottle tomorrow to finish this one off. 

Besides, I of all people know that someone could have died in a place way younger., Oh, and yeah, we have a HUGE streetlight right on the corner.


  1. Looking real good! Is that lens a prime lens?

  2. You did a seriously fantastic job on these! They look like they're ready to creep across your yard. Great photo angles too.


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