My Cousin Sarah sent me this table runner she made. We are a few fans of Facebook as we weren't raised to be with each other's families much. Thanks to FB, several of us cousins have been reunited. The wonderful amazing thing is that although we have very different backgrounds and beliefs  we have so much in common. I've wanted to do justice to her hard work by not putting up a snapshot. I set up the new camera and I think I got a few OK photos for this post. I can't wait to have a proper dining room with a table I've hand made to place it on. 
It is reversible!
I also got a framed vintage Halloween card that I didn't get any good photos of yet. Now I need to learn to be a good person and figure out Thank You cards. 


  1. that thing is amazing and she needs an etsy shop. pronto.

  2. How lovely! I have no sewing skills, but can really appreciate how much time that must have taken.

  3. Very nice. What a thoughtful gift for you.

  4. I know, it was an amazing gift and I have no idea what to send. A life sized witch?


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