Blogger Bomb

I was just notified via Blogger that I have no more room for photos. Maybe I'll start a website. I'm a bit torn on the subject. Either way there will be no photographs of the pumpkin cheesecake we made for tonight's dinner. Or any new photos for that matter until I either pay Google 2.49 a month or publish my own website. I just got my nice new DSLR too. GRRRRR!


  1. Sign up for Google + and you get free space and auto sizing. Read the message about your space being full for details

  2. I've been coding in my Flickr images and that works fine. If you have a Flickr account and know how to insert HTML, that might be a solution for you too. I know how frustrating it is to get that blogger message!

  3. Thanks guys. I think I have it figured out. We'll see.


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