Lost Apostle

I can't believe I haven't made a post about these guys yet. In my fantasy world, Lost Apostle is my signature jeweler. In the real world they are as well, so let's stick with the real world. My taste is quirky and I love something that is really well crafted. I've been known to have champagne taste with a Milwaukee's Best budget. Lost Apostle is my dream jeweler. I love their take on dark and humor. I started with this set of skull and femur bone pendants. All is cast in bronze and heavily plated with silver. They also have pure bronze and pure silver options. They are very detailed and wonderfully crafted. All photos are from Lost Apostle.
They have great weight and balance. To me they seem to avoid the cheesy biker skull look. I wear them all the time at work with my straight up schoolteacher type outfits. I doubt most people notice them. But once in a while someone does and they love them. 
 This was my second purchase. It hangs on a longer chain. The cool thing is that they are all interchangeable. When we went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights I wore both chains. 
 I love this one and emailed the jeweler to find out if I could get it paired with the old fashioned syringe pictured below. Sure enough, they can at a good price. I'll have a lot of mix and matching to do soon. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this...I am going to check them out!!!

  2. Went there upon your recommendation and found a skull chain I have been wanting forever. Thanks!

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