Soul Food

We planted some collard greens last October in the hoop house so I figured I'd try my hand at some proper collard greens. I got this recipe from P. Allen Smith's website which included black eye peas.
I couldn't find smoked turkey wings, but found some smoked turkey legs. How could you go wrong with smoked turkey legs? At just over 1 hour into cooking, the house smells amazing. It looks like 2 hours will do it for the beans at a very low simmer. 

Review: There were no measurements for this recipe so I winged it. I soaked one bag of black eyed peas in salt water for 24 hours and rinsed well. I put in 2 tbs of all the other ingredients except for the red pepper flakes (just a pinch of those) and poured in enough low sodium chicken broth to cover. The greens were enough for about 4 servings so they got 1tbs of the ingredients except for the pinch of red pepper flakes. Since we used smoked turkey legs we pulled them out and chopped up the meat and threw it back into the beans. We ended up mixing the collards in with the beans and ate them in bowls as a side to oven baked breaded cod. It was really delicious. 


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