Felted Wool River Rocks

I've worked on these felted rocks for over three years, not constantly, but little by little. I than kept them in a bag in the closet for about a year. I finally found this glass vase and put them in it with some cholla cactus skeleton pieces I found in Arizona back in February.
They are really soft and have a nice weight to them People love to pick them up. maybe over time, I'll make enough to make a rug or bedspread. For the meantime they'll be displayed in the vase. 

This project was inspired by Ronel Jordaan's designs  whose products were a bit out of my price range.
Here is a link for a tutorial. I made some of mine by starting them by hand then adding streaks of color and putting them in pantyhose like little sausages and throwing them in the washing machine. 
I finished them with fine wool threads pulled from the roving and using a felting needle, worked them into each rock.


  1. i remember when you were working on these at shangri-la! so cool. i love how they look in that vase.


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