I turn this bad boy in tomorrow. I've had it almost 5 years, and it shows some wear. The exciting news is that I am moving to Investigations Supervisor and I'll get a new badge. I have a lot to do and to learn. Luckily the deputies I work with are a great bunch, so they should make my job easy.
Just this afternoon I parted ways with my beloved Electra SuzyQ. It was the most bad-ass bike I've ever had. I bought it when I moved into my dream neighborhood at the time in 2005. My roommate had a really cool cruiser too, we rode all over town turning heads. With the money I made from the sale I am almost half way funded for a new bike that I plan to use to get to work. I did take the SuzyQ around the block one last time and a local patrol officer I've worked with passed by with the biggest smile on his face seeing me on such an outrageous bike. The person that bought it is sure to get more fun out of it and I hope to see her riding it around town. 


  1. They should let you keep your old badge as a memento.
    I love that bike...if I had had the money, and hadn't just been given a bike by the Father-in-law I'd have totally bought it from you.

  2. that's a much cooler bike than mine. of course, i am the WORST BIKE RIDER IN THE WORLD. lol

  3. That is one heck of a bike.
    And congrats!

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