Its That Time of Year Again

pearly pink tomato

The tomato plants will go outside this weekend. About 3/4 of the plants are forming blooms that I first noticed today. This was day three in the new position at work and it was way less hectic and I was good and went to bed early the night before so today's post work routine went much more like I've wanted than Monday and Tuesday when I came home pretty much exhausted.  I even made the new schedule a day before my original goal (boring office people stuff right there, let me tell ya, but I am thrilled with it). So today was the first day this week where I've had the energy and awareness to really check out the plants. A nice leisurely stroll with Sadie was awesome as well. I let her have lots of sniffing time so she could really check out whats been going on in the hood. I must say, I wasn't much fun for her Monday and Tuesday. 
white queen with possible megabloom

Tomorrow marks another full trip around the sun for me. Each trip seems shorter and shorter and I really haven't had that many yet so I can't imagine what its like for someone say, in their 80's. We'll see if I make it that far.  Today, life is good, so I hope I do.

Some shady things happened on April 20th in history: Hitler born, Columbine Massacre, Deepwater Horizon, lots of war stuff, and the birth of American actor Joey Lawrence. I can usually spot a marijuana enthusiast when I get carded as well, its one of my super powers. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lol about the enthusiasts. i totally forget that.

    my tomatoes appear to be horrible compared to yours. sigh. at least i've got awesome looking brassicas.

  2. oh, happy (late) birthday!! your tomato plants look so healthy and happy. we still need to go for a stroll with the pups one of these beautiful spring evenings.

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