Season's Change

Here's the 2012 grow-op. 
I just re-potted some maters into bigger pots, burying them up to their necks.
The fan helps build strong stems and keeps fungus gnats away. We had a plant full of them that I got rid of, but the damn things keep popping up. Fungus gnats look a bit like fruit flies, but they love to lay eggs in the soil of houseplants and will eat the root structure, often stunting a plants growth, but usually killing baby seedlings if there numbers are high enough.
This is the first real harvest of the season. These are collards and broccoli we planted back in October that were in hoop houses. I'm not dead set on doing it again next fall, but we do have a lot of garlic coming up, so maybe we'll focus on that next time. 
Here is Sadie posing with my new bargain find. I plan to bring it to Vegas for my first International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners conference in June. 

It will be 5 years in November that I started with the Coroner's office. I started in the morgue, then was promoted to Investigator. The week of my birthday next month I will start a new position as Senior Deputy/ Investigations Supervisor. I've been stressing a bit about it, but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and look forward to the new position. I always said I never wanted an ordinary life, so this is what I get.


  1. Congrats on the promotion!!!

    So jealous on the vegies!!! I really need it to quit snowing so I can get out there!!

    And....I you can never post too many pet pictures!!



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