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I've found that I really drag my feet on a new post if I don't have any of my own photos. I've been meaning to address the garden plans for this year and I don't have any examples of what I consider a reason to grow. I might be a jerk, but when we plan on growing something, my rule is that if it is good and easily procured at the store (cheap) but difficult to grow, we don't grow it. Brassicas are on that list due to my awful attempts at dealing with aphids. Brussels sprouts were a huge space waster considering they were covered with aphids with all but non-organic pesticides. Should I eat the store bought ones? That is a great question, but not one for now. I had a n interesting talk with a pathologist that will only eat organically grown meat, just to avoid those nasty neurological wasting diseases we've heard about in the past.

I digress. My goal this year is to continue my delicate new love affair with the tomato. I am a born tomato hater. They are full of goo and seeds and have always tasted bad unless as a sauce or ketchup. This is my third year with growing them. I really got hooked by Black Krim, but I found I had to cut the mushy parts off. I can't handle mushy or mealy fruit-EVER. So I found myself dissecting the bottoms off most my Krims last year. I really liked Black Cherry. They were small, firm, had a lot less goop and a nice pop to them. The flavor was to die for, bright, deep, and tangy. My favorite was to use them in tomato salads with vinegar and oil, or bruschetta, which I adore. 

This year's plan is to go with variety, and some smaller sizes. I want to make beautiful salads, bruschettas, and salsas. I am literally growing a tomato rainbow. Here is my borrowed from the internet photo:

This years tomato list thanks to Baker Creek Seeds (and their photos):


White Queen

Green Zebra

Pearly Pink

Orange Icicle

Black Cherry

And Egg Yolk

All the seedlings have sprouted nicely and are under the lights as I write this. Happy gardening 2012!

Kyle's picks this year are Mortgage Lifter

Honey Bunch


  1. I have had a very long love affair with tomatoes. I love anything cooked with or served with tomatoes. I am lucky enough to live in an area that has a multitude of rare/strange heirloom varieties. You have me itching to plant some now!

  2. so glad you like black cherry. those seeds are waiting for a sprouting space to open up. I, too, have tomato issues.

    you should try principe borghese sometime. amazing. cooked, of course.

  3. We have had such crappy weather the last couple years that sadly my tomatoes have sucked :( Hope we get sun this year....cause your pictures are making me want to work in the garden...now!



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