Late Summer Harvest Monday and Update

We harvested the first two of our rouge vif d'etampes pumpkins. The vines had been badly eaten by squash beetles and were drying up.
We finally started getting cucumbers and zucchinis. These are heirloom sweet zukes, deliketesse cukes, and another I don't remember the name (good thing we write this stuff down). 
Some salsa peppers, strawberries, black cherry toms, a super steak sandwich tom, and some of our burned sweet peppers. None of our sweet pepper plants are doing well. They are producing well, but all the fruits are getting burned in our intense sunlight. 
Here we have jalapenos and sweet cherry 100 hybrids. The sweet cherry plants have not done well this year. 
Hope for the future- the Christmas pole Lima beans are starting to produce. 
This year's melon, and early Minnesota variety are starting out well. 
Rosa Bianca eggplant is ripening.
The thorn less Triple Crown Blackberry plants got trimmed back. The new lateral canes are trying to establish themselves in the lawn to make a monster bramble. I am putting all those ends in pots to make new plants to give away or sell on Craigslist. 
Here's a closeup of some of the pots.
Finally, a water hyacinth has bloomed in the pondtainer.


  1. I always enjoy seeing the different veggies you grow. There's a lot of variety in your garden! I bet you're eating in a healthy way.

  2. Funny thing is that as I read your comment Justine, I'm chomping away at some taco bell! We do eat pretty well from the garden.

  3. Mmm, potato soft taco and beefy 5-layer burrito.

    What a cornucopia. Do want. We got some kale out of our garden, I used it in chicken soup. Pretty tasty.

  4. Those are such beautiful pumpkins, I'll be interested to know what you think of their eating qualities (if that's what you have in mind for them). Lots of good stuff coming out of your garden!

  5. i love your pumpkins. the water hyacinth is beautiful. were you as excited about the storm last night as i was? so good to see some rain finally.


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