Here Are Some Nasty Photos

I won't post them here, but will provide a link to a disaster cleanup place's website. I've been the one that had the really nasty job of removing bodies from scenes like the ones they show. I warn you, it is pretty gross.
Their "mascot" seems a bit sexist, and maybe a bit tripped out on strong cleaning chemical fumes, but a lot of their site is interesting to peruse.

I don't agree with this though, but I won't get into particulars in this post. I don't 100% disagree with their statement, but I feel there are some exaggerations to these type of statements.
Violent death and body decomposition are biohazards.Through blood and air borne pathogens you risk HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, e.coli and hantavirus.


  1. you always find such interesting stuff to read! thanks!


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