How Could You Not Notice?

I wish I could use my own photos, but that would be wrong. This is a pretty good substitute.

That is the question so many people ask me. I asked it the first time I came across a decomp (decomposing body). The odor, the flies, the mail and newspapers piling up. There are so many indicators to neighbors that something might be amiss. I regularly joke when we come upon a house on a dog walk with an overgrown lawn and 10 newspapers on the stoop. "Must be a dead body in there" is what I say as we walk by. Sometimes neighbors eventually call the super if it smells bad, but many times they wait for it to get so bad I have to wear a respirator to enter the place. Why do people not notice? I think it is because subconsciously, they'd rather put the idea of the whole death thing off as long as possible. 

Here is a 2008 blog post about a problem in the rental business.

One of these days I should write my own stories and publish a book.


  1. Mannnnn. Sometimes you just teach me things I don't wanna know. Or remember. Or dream about. Yeah. :D I'm just a big chicken like that ;)


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