One of the other reasons for not posting a lot is that there is a trial going on that is hard for me to not follow or not to have any feelings about.  It isn't my case, I was out of town when the body was found, but I work with a lot of the people that handled the case. A little boy died. I don't particularly care for many kids, but none deserve to die like he did. There are even children still living under the same or even much worse conditions than he did. I can't talk about the particulars, but I can link to one of the newer news stories. Just look up Robert Manwell on the internet. It happened in 2009. 


  1. :( Very sad. I can easily see how it can affect anyone. It is sometimes hard to believe that people can really do things we do.


  2. it's revolting and sad and makes one wonder whether the human race will ever really evolve and get past cruelty and inhumane treatment of "little ones" and animals.

  3. really awful. it got to me tonight on the news when they showed the clothes he was wearing, and those large rocks stuffed into his pockets. it takes a fucked up individual to do that to a kid. i hope the responsible parties get what they deserve.


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