Mid May Recap

A loosing battle with severe environmental allergies has sapped my get up and go, including my blogging. Luckily I have been taking photos, so I'll try to drag my but to do a garden update post.
beware: rabid dog

the quinalt strawberries are doing really well in their third year

brandywine transplanted with homemade wall of waters

tomatillo, looking great

the pondtainer got some new plants, I will add some native plants as soon as I figure out what to plant

gratuitous pic of the dog and corkscrew rush

ground cherry

random tomato bloom

last, but not least, the first tomato of the year is a black krim.


  1. the pondtainer looks so awesome! i love those plants you added. sadie's such a vicious cutie. congrats on the tomato!

  2. Allergies are really getting to people. Also seems to be some sort of crud going around. Hope you feel better soon. At least your garden is looking great.


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