Early May Recap

About two weeks ago I planted the two Black Krim tomatoes I started on January the 31st. They are doing fine and have new blooms on them. A week ago I put as many plants in the greenhouse as I could fit and they are doing greater than could be expected. I plan to build a hoop house next year and put all the plants out early as there is nothing better than real sunlight even if it is intermittent.  

Although it isn't in the best focus. I had to share a photo of the ground cherry in bloom. The plants that I kept inside were only half the size with no blooms. 

Eggplant taking in some rays.

This is the tomatillo that I accidentally snapped in half putting it out for sun last week. I stuck the upper stalk in the soil and tied it to the chopstick stake figuring it would die. The damn thing is sprouting new leaves. It is really leggy and not pretty to look at, but I'll keep it going and make it thrive.  

The spring peas are up and sending out tendrils. We'll have a new trellis set up for them this weekend. Those are some radishes in the back, succession planted for a few good harvests during our short spring.  

The potato plants have erupted with beautiful purple and green leaves. These are a rosy fingerling variety.

The alpine Yellow Wonder strawberries are flourishing. They seem so fragile and paper thin, but have withstood weeks with an oscillating fan and they love being out in the bright sun with some harsh winds.  The bigger plants fill about the size of you hand with outstretched fingers. The lower photo is from March 25th.


  1. Everything seems to be coming along beautifully, but I can practically smell those tomato plants!

  2. everything looks awesome! one of my tomatillo plants very nearly broke in half too--i left it outside while i was out all day sunday and the wind really fucked with it. but it's staked up now and seems fine. someone told me tomatillos are leggy no matter what you do...that's been my experience.

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