Sunday Update

I harvested rhubarb for the first time and am in the process of baking my first pie ever. Since I used vegetable shortening, I think it would even qualify as vegan. Hopefully it comes out of the oven OK and tastes good.
The first black krim is looking great.
Kyle helped me put in the tree branches that the christmas lima beans will climb. I also planted dragon's tongue bush beans. I'll plant more herbs in this bed as well. 
One of the brandywine tomatoes has produced flowers.
The stock tank area got some new plants and fish.
Here's a fuzzy photo of the dwarf lily pad sending up three flowers, we only had one last year.
Garden Huckleberry doing it's thing.
At least the peas like the cool extended spring. 
I decided to add an egg wash, but should have added some water to the egg yolk.
As you can see, it tasted pretty darn good. I used this recipe for the filling, and this one for the pie crust. I'd never made either before and it turned out great. The crust was way better than store bought and the pie wasn't soggy at all.
This is after the dog helped herself to some delicious pie. Bad dog!


  1. your pie is gorgeous! pie crust is one of those things that's often "accidentally vegan"...not with the egg wash of course, but i run into commercial pies once in a while that are vegan without intending to be so. i love the flower design you put on it.

  2. @ Emily: Crap, I forgot about the egg wash. I'll have to make you one without.

  3. GfinID, I've made pies before (not rhubarb though), but I never bothered to dress up my crust the way you did. Laziness, I suppose, and I always figured it was just for me anyway so why get all fancy, but your embellishments really make the presentation perfect! It looks yummy!

    (who'll be expecting you to me me a pie too!)

  4. Sorry I'm so late in reading this one, but WOW that is a gorgeous pie you made! I'm so jealous!!!

  5. Your pie is lovely and looks delicious. We also have rhubarb in our yard and have enjoyed a few yummie pies - although I think I like blueberry rhubarb known in our house as "bluebarb pie" almost better than I do the strawberry version.


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